Performance Evaluation for Directors (iPED) System

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The iPED is developed by the Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG) to effectively implement the Performance Evaluation for Directors in the GOCC Sector (PED). This tool is designed to facilitate a more stable, confidential, secure, and reliable database system that will house the performance reviews of all the members of the Governing Boards of various Government-Owned or -Controlled Corporations (GOCCs) under the jurisdiction of GCG. Pursuant to GCG MC No. 2014-03 (3rd Issue), all Ex Officios, their duly designated Alternates, and Appointive Directors are required to encode their self and peer ratings, comments, and assessments in the iPED.

The iPED shall cover all Members of the GOCC Governing Board - Ex Officio, their designated Alternates, and Appointive Directors. Provided, however, that in the case of the Appointive Director, he or she has served no less than three (3) months as such in the GOCC Governing within one (1) calendar year.

The iPED shall only be accessed by the intended user and shall not be shared to anyone. All information provided herein shall be treated with strict and outmost confidentiality.

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